Developing Buyer’s Persona

July 2, 2016

By Liliane Nakad

The key for content marketing nowadays is simply: Segmentation

So while your marketing messages will have to cater business needs, you also need to develop your marketing persona based on the audience you are targeting or looking to target in order to help them overcome their business challenges.

What is a persona and how can we create one?

A persona is a fictional person. It embodies a target group and summarizes the main features. During the creation of the persona, it is assigned to the fictitious person a series of attributes that enhance its profile to better express the interests of the target group. A persona is a standard user (a stereotype) which is used to set priorities and guide your decisions.


We collect information, of primary or secondary sources. These information may not be available immediately and you may have to undertake further research. If you do not have CRM systems that defines the important criteria to be determined. It depends on your product or your service. The description of a persona typically includes items such as first name, gender, age, income, marital status, education level, profession, but you can add many other attributes depending on your industry.


We begin to build the profile of the target customer. This is done using the data collected in Phase 1, but it is also advisable to conduct interviews with existing customers or create a short online survey


The profile being finalized. You need to work with your team and take a common decision or make a choice.

Once the profile has been created, it disseminates. There is nothing worse than having led a wonderful market research and leave it lying on the shelf.

A fairly conclusive tactic is to print a size portrait of your persona and display it in your meeting room or in your office. Never underestimate the power of visualization.


When you build an action plan, a campaign, refer as much as possible to your persona, calling him by his first name. All the teams, all employees need also to take ownership of this tool that.

Finally, it will be important to adjust your personas at the rate of your products. It should always be in constant evolution.

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