Brief info

Liliane Nakad, is a dynamic professional at the forefront of the company's strategic vision, serving as a Communication Specialist, Business Development Expert, and Language Professional. With over a decade of unwavering dedication in the localization market in the USA, EU and UAE, Liliane passionately leads the company toward global leadership in Translation and Subtitling.

Fluent in five languages and backed by more than 15 years of experience as an interpreter, Liliane excels in facilitating seamless communication across diverse global audiences.

As CEO, leveraging her profound industry expertise, Liliane is committed to positioning Four Pillar Communications as a recognized force in the industry, fostering collaborations with renowned entities such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney, and others.

Beyond her professional achievements, Liliane is dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion, with her aim to achieve certification as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise reflecting her commitment to advancing inclusivity in the business landscape. With exceptional management and leadership skills, coupled with an unwavering focus on excellence, Liliane is devoted to elevating Four Pillar Communications to new heights and redefining industry standards in the world of translation and subtitling.