four pillar communications



Four Pillar Communications was founded on four main business pillars: Quality, Commitment, Service and Teamwork. We came about as a response to the global market’s call for quality content production - original or translated - and we are committed to making a difference. In today’s fast growing world, having a trusted language partner is crucial for any business seeking to expand its footprint. At Four Pillar Communications we rely on a large network of expert linguists and seasoned quality control managers to guarantee top-notch quality of service to our clients and partners. Our process features multi-step translation, editing, and a rigorous review process to ensure the maximum accuracy is met and competes with the constantly evolving global markets.


Four Pillar Communications helps companies communicate with the world, by transforming their website into a powerful and dynamic platform that brings the best brand exposure to customers globally. We put our local and global marketing expertise at your service to help you deliver your message to targeted audiences while maintaining outstanding cultural awareness to ensure effective impact.


If you are looking to translate your website or mobile application into the languages of your choice, look no further; Four Pillar Communications is your perfect partner. We offer consulting services for all types of businesses before they engage with any content management system (CMS) process, and help them choose the best system to suit their needs. Our process includes: • Analyzing content, target languages and audience • Reviewing the CMS configuration and preparing it for globalization • Testing and meticulous online and offline Quality Assurance analysis • Setting up and training your teams to manage the CMS and the translation Import & Export workflow • Periodic follow-up and updating services


With the help of our creative team and state-of-the-art content marketing software, Four Pillar Communications helps you tell your story. Our creative copywriters, designers, digital content developers and storytellers will harness the power of your narrative and your brand message to capture the attention of your targeted audience, wherever they may be. We create, distribute, and optimize every aspect of your digital content marketing.


With our in-house and partner studios and production facilities, we provide professional and quality narration A/S voice over recording services as well as visual on-screen translation for all types of media including cinema, TV, online, training material, audiobooks and other media in more than 30 languages. Owned and operated by a team of dedicated experts who possess a decade of experience in the field, Four Pillar Communications offers versatile voice over services for various project categories including Advertising, E-Learning, Video Presentations, Documentaries, Gaming, Voicemail Greetings, Apps and Voice Interface among others. Our multimedia services are tailored to clients’ requirements.


Our Language Tool: In our constant thrive to provide our clientele with the higher quality translation across all their projects, we at Four Pillar Communications FZ LLC use Translation Memory (TM). A system that stores previously translated projects both in source and target language and uses this date in future projects, insuring a maximum leverage from the existing translations to maintain the highest quality and consistency required. Our Languages * Amharic * Arabic * Armenian * Bosnian * Bulgarian * Czech * Danish * Dutch * English * Farsi * Filipino * Finnish * Flemish * French * German * Greek * Indonesian * Italian * Japanese * Kazakh * Korean * Latvian * Malay * Maltese * Mandarin * Polish * Portuguese (Brazilian) * Portuguese (Iberian) * Romanian * Russian * Spanish (European) * Spanish (Latin) * Swedish * Thai * Turkish * Urdu