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At FPC, we don't just offer services; we provide bespoke solutions that resonate with your unique objectives. Every project we undertake is a reflection of our commitment to excellence, molded to address your specific needs. Our world-class offerings are the result of a meticulous blend of industry expertise and cutting-edge technology

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    The founding partners and employees of FPC have extensive experience in the Translation, Interpretation, Events organizing and Management as well ad content creation and copywriting. Having worked for a multitude of other localization agencies, Fortune 1000. Having worked on both the client and vendor side of the equation we are uniquely qualified to provide value add service to our clients.

    Quotations are confidential, free and non- obligating.  FPC has standard pricing and account pricing.  Most clients work with us as an Account basis and secure a pricing schedule based on the estimated volume of work. By setting up an Account clients can get a comprehensive orientation which covers a range of globalization topics from best practices in workflows to application expertise.

    Four Pillar Communications considers security an integral part of providing services to our clients. With the goal of safeguarding your information, we are always striving to improve security measures and implement the latest best practices for global IT infrastructure protection.  All possible security precautions are taken to protect files, systems and processes, from password protecting individual files to utilization of secure intranets and extranets for staff and client interaction through fully encrypted workflows.  This comprehensive approach to security management ensures that your data is safe in transit, as well as when it is stored on our servers.

    FPC typically secures nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements (NDA) with clients. Any and all subcontractors and/or strategic partners of FPC execute detailed NDA's AND adhere to FPC’s security policies and practices before they are engaged.

    If your firm has specific security requirements, please let your FPC project manager know, and we will work with you to implement the specifics.

    Like all localization companies, we maintain a global network of professional translators. No company can keep translators in all fields and all languages on staff fulltime.

    Translation and Copy writing Teams:

    FPC currently has a freelance pool of over 4,200 translation, copywriting and localization professionals who are both time- and project-tested.

    All of our language experts must be native speakers of the language into which they translate. Most hold degrees in Technical Translation, Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, or related fields. Translators go through a three-part testing process before they are allowed to work with FPC:

    1. General translation test
    2. Subject matter test (e.g., legal, medical, or telephony)
    3. Technical proficiency test

    All translators and translation teams, whether in-house or virtual, utilize translation memory management tools (TM), execute nondisclosure agreements, and perform work in accordance with FPC’s Quality Assurance Procedures and Security Policies and Procedures (SPP).